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february 2019 - march 2019

role // interface design, fabrication of controller conch, and unity development

In Hindu mythology, the idea of reincarnation is often confused with immortality, although the

two are different, distinct concepts. Immortality is the ability to maintain one singular identity

forever, and reincarnation is the ability to hold a universal set of moral principles, despite the

current physical form or role within the universe.

Exploring this further, we often find that a small flame is what visualizes the “soul” in Indian

culture. This is where the clay lamp “Diyas” come from in the holiday Diwali (“Diya-wali”), and

why the celebration is of the triumph of good over evil.

Although Hindu mythology is centered around the perspective of man, one of the most central

mythological journeys is the​ Dasha Avatar, the “10 avatars” that the god Vishnu takes form, in

order to teach mankind valuable lessons & save the earth when necessary. Vishnu is normally

depicted to be holding a conch in his hands. The conch purifies the environment from all evil


In this virtual world, you are an embodiment of Vishnu, As your role as the “preserver”, you can

grab and place the soul flame to give life to any of the avatars present in this

environment, and experience their artistically abstracted stories.

field notes //

most unexpected obstacle: designing interaction for users of varying physical ability & experience with virtual reality

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