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Founder & Creative Director




Learning how to lead by example and manage a team of professionals who are older and more experienced than you.


A music education non-profit in partnership with Carnegie Hall.

Founded in partnership with Carnegie Hall in 2016, NYO-U is the world’s first open-access music education platform. NYO-U is a digital collection of “mini-masterclass” videos that serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration for the next generation of aspiring musicians, regardless of their ability or background.


With support from Khan Academy, NPR’s From the Top, Kronos Quartet – NYO-U continues to pick up momentum and expands its capabilities as it enters its fifth season of existence, quickly establishing itself as the go-to inspirational online resource for young, motivated musicians.

As Creative Director, I lead all filming & editing efforts, communicate with participants to design scripts, refine video topics, and create an NYO-U curriculum for each season. additionally, I direct the business development of NYO-U and manage a team of media professionals at Carnegie Hall to facilitate the production.

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