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Needfinding, UI / UX design, app development.




Just because a solution is high-tech, doesn’t mean that it is better than a low-tech solution.

Stikato Pro

A motion-tracking app to help musicians improve their practice posture.


As a companion to the physical Stikato music stand, I explored the possibility of implementing a mobile app that would use computer vision to improve musicians’ practice posture, based on facial recognition and tilt from slouching.


I iterated from paper prototypes to several InVision-level UX designs to actually coding out the computer vision algorithms. After extensive user testing, however, I had the insight that classical musicians preferred the comfort and familiarity of the analog music stand to the digital solution that Stikato pro provided (in many ways, classical music is a way of paying homage to traditional arts, and one must be cautious about going too "high-tech" with solutions), and I made the decision to not launch Stikato Pro, saving the high-cost investment of hiring full-time developers.

flash screen entertaining moving element
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