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Needfinding, UI / UX design, market exploration.




Testing UX interactions with simple paper prototypes can yield quick insights and feedback.


Optimizing the outsourcing of healthcare tasks to a patient’s community of caregivers.

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Patients with serious or chronic illnesses need a better way to manage their daily medication, and use their community of supporters to remain motivated to stay on top of their health. Family members and friends who have a close relationship with these patients need a way to show their love and support in a meaningful, but non-disruptive way for the patient.

Insights: users typically do not realize that their daily medication is empty until they open bottles up. the process of requesting a refill is inefficient for the patient and the doctor/pharmacy. Personal support provides more motivation to patients than automatic/computerized reminders. Caregivers have the self-motivation to help a patient in their journey, but need an avenue/medium to become invested in someone else's health.

Introducing Cheerleader, an interface that uses the novel idea of collaborative care (providing productive avenues for others in your life to help you manage your health) to optimize pill reminders and auto-outsource healthcare tasks, to alleviate stress from the patient and their primary caregivers.

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