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i'm snoozin'

december 2017

role // concept designer

as an RA in lantana, stanford's design-thinking themed dorm, i was confronted with a unique problem: how might kids who want to go to sleep tell their neighbors to be quiet in a respectful, uplifting, and non-confrontational way? taking inspiration from hotel "do-not-disturb" signs and applying my social psychology skills, i had the idea to design and implement "i'm snoozin'" signs, that almost immediately solved the entire problem. no more passive-aggressive text messages, or pajama arguments. 

i'm snoozin' was a successful concept in my dorm and will be extended as a concept to other dorms across campus.

field notes //

biggest overcome obstacle: understanding how effective intra-dorm communication works differently for various personality types, and how to design one solution for a variety of problem situations.

Hotel Door-Sign Graphic (2).png
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