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february 2016

role // design + manufacturing

the spring of my freshman year of college, i became obsessed with the idea of constructing my own electric violin from scratch. i knew building an acoustic violin would take years of training, but perhaps an electric violin, where the shape & materials can be more flexible and still produce a functioning instrument, might be a more feasible challenge. 

inspired by the idea of legos, i created vibraflow, a concept for the world's first fully customizable, 3D-printed electric violin. much like legos, vibraflow consists of various customizable parts that all snap together to form a functioning instrument. vibraflow is designed to be an affordable, special instrument for beginner/intermediate musicians.

since building the original vibraflow design, i've upgraded the design to include carbonelle, a fully biodegradable violin that costs less than $7 to make, and vibraglow, a version of vibraflow that lights up different colors based on what music you are playing on the instrument.

field notes //

biggest overcome obstacle: learning how to design a composite, functioning electrical product as a sum of customizable parts that are compatible with FDM 3D-printing.

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