Welcome to my design lab!

I'm a Stanford designer who has always wanted to start my own non-profit, impact-driven makerspace.

Browse my growing collection of inventions + engineering projects below – & let me know if you make any of them yourself!

Here are my hand-picked engineering resources!

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from the lab

design resources


ponoko [online laser cutting]

protolabs [injection molding]

find a makerspace near you!

frequent tools / materials

monoprice v2 [fdm 3d-printer]

pla + tpu plastic filament [1 kg spools]

soldering iron

silicone wire [18-22 gauge]

arduino [flora, nano, uno, mega]

silicone casting kit

resin casting kit

conductive thread

2-sided copper tape

velostat [pressure sensitive fabric]

led + resistor kit


mosfet transistors

arduino sensor kit

solenoid valve [fluid & mechanical]

individually addressable led strip

3.7v li-po battery [rechargeable]

adafruit boost [charging board]

stepper motors

dc motors w/ gearbox


hot glue gun

battery pack with switch

jst connector wires


pink foam [easily moldable]

flexible silicone sheets

wood screw kit

electronic drill set

electric tape

masking tape

duct tape

tactile button kit

legal / entrepreneurship law

provisional patent guide

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