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The Stikato Story

I invented Stikato in order to improve the health & wellness of musicians. I've been playing violin since the age of 3, and there's nothing my violin teacher has ever said to me more than "DON'T SLOUCH."

My traditional music stand was always too short for my height, and I often forgot my flimsy portable stand when traveling. I'd end up putting my sheet music on a low table or chair and practice hunched over. And then I'd still wonder why my back hurt afterwards!

It's unfortunate that so many professional musicians spend thousands of dollars on chiropractors & medical treatment to manage their back-pain. With that in mind, I realized that practicing with proper posture wasn't just important to my personal well-being: it's critical for any serious musician who wants to play life-long.

As a recognized violinist who has been lucky to spend several years as a member of the National Youth Orchestra of the USA, a not-for-profit entrepreneur who founded Carnegie Hall's NYO-U music education platform, and a designer at Stanford University who has invented prosthetic arms for string-instrument players, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to create a solution that could really help other musicians. And after nearly two years of prototyping & testing, I'm so excited to share Stikato with you.

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Akshay Dinakar

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