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I'm an entrepreneur, inventor, & violinist.

Welcome to ADDesign, my creative studio.

I'm a Stanford product designer who has always wanted to start my own impact-driven makerspace. My design focus is at the intersection of consumer, climate tech, & mixed reality.


Here's my growing collection of inventions and engineering projects - let me know if you make any of them yourself!

No problem is too big or small for me – if you are looking for a creative solution for a pain point in your life, I'd love to hear from you & help. Reach out to me (

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  • Armor : a secure, analog medical record on your wrist for health emergencies in environments without internet.

  • Beatclipse : a cosmic-themed loveseat that transforms into an eclipse when the heartbeats of users sync up.

  • Frictionless : a spinning foot massage robot.

  • Glowbes : adorable, pocket-sized orbs to keep you company in the dark.

  • IV Stand Base : protecting patients from foot injuries and ankle bruises. 

  • Jellyfish : a nanosuction LED lamp that sticks to any wall or ceiling in your room.

  • Kulick : an LED-themed remix of the Iron Man suit, complete with lasers & an in-built speaker system.

  • Moonwalk : a haptic prosthetic sensor for individuals with nerve damage.

  • Ostomy Travel Bag : making public restrooms less of a nightmare

  • Stradavinci : a prosthetic designed to help musicians bow a stringed instrument, simply by flexing their toes.

  • Terrain : a shape-shifting surface, responsive in realtime to location-pressure input.

  • Vibraflowthe first modular, fully-customizable, 3D-printed electric violin.



I love writing about design, entrepreneurship, & creativity. 

Creative Current50 Ideation Techniques to Spark Your Lightbulb. (Amazon)

Intentional Living :  A guide to using the design mindset to improve your living space & community. (Amazon)

Will You Play With Me? : A children's book on empathy & inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. (Amazon)

The Top 30 Things I Learned at Stanford : Snippets of knowledge & golden rules from my undergraduate experience, from the perspective of a designer. (LinkedIn)

Tasting Clouds : My mini-book of original poetry. (Amazon)

The Exhibition : A handpicked original short story from my collection. (Short Story)


On the personal side :

I'm now a Californian, but I had an incredible midwestern childhood and am a happy product of Kansas public schools. If I'm not in design-studio mode, you'll likely find me sketching architectural blueprints, recording classical/pop/rnb electric violin, writing short-story mysteries, hanging rim on the basketball court, cooking really spicy Asian food, or going on an urban adventure (check out these concrete slides!). 

What I'm currently up to:

Tangible Teleportation, creating magical tech products that let distance-separated couples & families feel physically present with far-away loved ones.

A few notable initiatives I've led in the past:

NYO-U, the first open-access music education platform for aspiring classical musicians, which I founded in partnership with Carnegie Hall.

• The Stanford Flashmob Orchestra, a group that serendipitously performed arrangements of pop songs and other well-known tunes to spread delight.


FroSoHappy, an organic movement within college dorms to spread happiness. 

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